Dating with STDs

dating with STDsDating with STDs brings out anxiety or challenges to one’s self esteem and confidence. In fact, now ever if a person living with HIV can live a long life filled with friends, romance and love, the key is you attitude toward life and love. Maybe it’s a little hard to start a relationship after you have infected with an STD, but try it for your happiness. These are my tips for those living with Sexually Transmitted Disease but motivated to start building relationships.

1 When to tell your partner you have an STD
If you have an STD, it’s important to tell your partner about it before you have any sexual contact with him or her, even if oral sex. It’s your duty and responsibility. Some people got STD from their ex-partner, then they got mad and wanted to revenge the society. Actually it’s meaningless and can’t change the reality. But what’s the specific time to tell? First he or she has spent some time on you and got to know you. If you tell him or her on the first date, you will be rejected. Or you tell him or she on the fist date directly. Everyone has its own choice. In short, a straightforward and positive conversation is very necessary and it helps your forward planning.

2 How to tell your partner you have an STD
You pick a place that is suitable for conversation. You must ensure that your privacy is not heard by others. At the beginning you let your partner know that you respect him/her, enjoy the time together, and have something you want him/she to know. Then you tell her/him your have an STD, let her/him know about the STD and understand how the transmission occurs. Maybe you will be disappointed with her/his response,but it’s better than she/he pretends ok but break up with you later. If your partner need time, then give your partner time to think. Remember that dating with STDs is not easy, but you can finally find your soulmate and true love, as long as you don’t give up. Nothing is more important than finding a person that understands you.

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