#8 HWerks

hwerks.comHWerks¬†is the #8 choice among the top 10 STD dating sites. What makes HWerks different from other STD dating sites is that HWerks doesn’t offer free membership and all members have to be upgraded to access the inside of the site. You pay $30.00 and get one life membership. (The membership price can change later according to economic development and standard of living, but once you join in, you get one life membership). Blogs, forums, mobile version, video chat and instant messenger, features on HWerks are always as same as features on other STD social networking sites. There is no other different and funny feature. Honestly speaking, the service of HWerks is not better than other STD dating sites, the only advantage is its price and one life membership.


Groups are a great way to meet people in your area. HWerks has collected information about local Herpes and HPV groups in the states of the United States. In fact, the information about local STD support groups on PositiveSingles is more detailed than on HWerks. (On HWerks there are only STD support groups in the united States and one group in Canada).

Blog post on HWerks will be updated every couple of weeks. Members can’t create their own blog, what they can do is commenting under blog post of HWerks. There are also events running by volunteers(not by HWerks), the editor of HWerks will post the event dates once they become available.

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