#7 H-YPE

h-ype.comH-YPE means “Herpes – Your Positive Experience”, it’s a STD dating site from United Kingdom. This site is not just about herpes, but about HPV too. As the #7 STD dating site, H-YPE grows fast in social networks. For the convenience of users, H-YPE has also developed App for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and Tablet. On H-YPE you have many permissions, such as add videos and sounds, create your own groups or join other groups, publish your event plan and invite others to join. The feature of Event is useful and it can make local users to meet up. The design of H-YPE seem better than other STD dating sites. It’s simple and provides the users with the maximum information.



Standard Membership is free, these are feature list for standard members.

  • Upload avatar and view profiles.
  • Show Viewed Me and show Who I Viewed.
  • Search blog post, view blog post, view blog, browse blogs, browse blogs posts .
  • Browse events, search events, view events.
  • Public post in forum, read in forum,search in forum.
  • Browse groups, search groups, view groups, view group photos.

Price of full access membership

  • 1 month for £5.95
  • 3 months for £13.95 (20 days free)
  • 6 months for £22.95 (64 days free)
  • 12 months for £36.95 (174 days free)

these are feature list for premium members.

  • All features for standard members.
  • Edit own comments,post comments,remove own comments.
  • Add events, add video, add group, view video.
  • Send greetings,send messages, get other members’ emails.
  • Use chat, use shoutbox, use messenger.
  • Post comment on timeline, create polls,vote.

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